Tuesday, 26 May 2009

One Vintage

Net-a-porter has recently added vintage clothing to its offerings, provided by One Vintage. Because I'm lazy, I'll just steal the blurb about One Vintage from the site itself: 

A former partner in Paul & Joe UK Boutiques, Marcelle Symons used her substantial fashion know-how and love of all things vintage to launch this London-based brand. One stands for "one-off, one and only, just the one" and the idea is that Symons sources beautiful vintage pieces from the 19th Century to the 1970s and then lovingly restores them to their former glory. 

So, this was pretty exciting for me, being a big fan of special vintage pieces. However, this being net-a-porter, you know it ain't gonna be cheap. Most of the pieces have now (surprisingly) sold out. There was only one item that really impressed me and had me lusting after it, unfortunately this item has disappeared from the site all together before I had the chance to save pictures of it. The divine 1930's dress above is the piece that really made me swoon. I wanted to show you guys the detail on this amazing dress, but I only had the chance to save one picture before it disappeared, so you'll have to use your imagination. Were it full-length, I think it would make a beautiful wedding dress. If the dress magically re-appears on the site, I'll post more pictures of it, as the details really are worth seeing. 

Many of the items aren't really my style, but have been really nicely restored. However, there is a fine line between restoring something, and reworking it. A lot of lace has been reworked into modern cuts, a heinous crime if you ask me. The top below combines some beautiful Edwardian lace with a 1930's floral embroidered panel. The materials used are lovely, but the top isn't doing it for me. I think the cut is rather tacky and cheap looking. I'm not saying I could do a better job than them, but to me it's such a shame to turn some beautiful lace-work into this. £660, sold out.

Again, some lovely lace has been used in creating this top, but I'm not a fan. A Victorian cotton lace blouse has been reworked and given a contrasting 1930's embroidered belt. It actually pains me a little to think that a Victorian blouse has been cut up and turned into this. I'm all for restoring and recycling clothes, but I'm sure the blouse was fabulous as it was! Anyway, someone out there liked it enough to pay £570 for it, as it is now sold out. 

No age is indicated for this stunning white maxi-dress. To me it looks Edwardian, but it could be a 70's piece from when Laura Ashley made Edwardian style popular again with long, high-necked, feminine dresses. £2115.

all images from net-a-porter.com


Veronica said...

I love the second one with the bow in the back, it is super cute!

Anonymous said...

One can only hope that with the high price being paid for these garments the purchasers will treat them with care and respect...but somehow I doubt it, given their trendy design.This is what my curator friends deplore and call "consumptive use of artifacts". Just discovered yr blog and absolutely adore it!

Fashion and more said...

The top dress is amazing !!!

Serena said...

hey dear, I must say that I found your blog searching for more one vintage items... just dun hate me because I'm the lucky one who has purchased the 1930's dress you mentioned. Needless to say, I will treat the dress with repect and love, dun worry. It's truely an amazing dress with lots of beautiful details!!! Unfortunately, I login to the net-a-porter acc. and also don't have a link to the dress; otherwise, I would love to share the detailed pics. I'm going to wear on my B-day, may show you pictures, that's one and half months later. :)

harps said...

Hi Serena, of course I don't hate you! You are a very lucky girl indeed (with great taste!), it certainly looks like a fabulous one off dress. I'm glad you found my blog, I'd love to see more pictures of the details if you find the time, not necessarily to put on the blog, but just for my own pleasure! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful birthday wearing this treasure, and thankyou for getting in touch.
Jess xx

Marian said...

these lace pieces are beautiful!oh what glorious dresses. i love Lara B's jewellery and clutches too. something so distintive about them!
muah x

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