Thursday, 28 May 2009

Brooch Attack

I've been thinking about attaching a load of brooches to a top for a while now, but finding the right top to accommodate said brooches has been hard. I tried the brooch attack plan on the outfit in the previous post, attaching the brooches to the silver top worn underneath, but felt the sparkle of the top was too much, competing with the brooches. So, after trying out a few more options, I settled for this black lace top, as the lace panel provides a nice canvas for an array of brooches (and earrings, but make sure they are safely attached!). I'm rather pleased with the result, but it took a bloody long time to attach and remove all the brooches. Speaking of brooches, this past weekend I bought two amazing antique brooches, which I'm sure will be showcased on the blog in the near future.


Damsels said...

good kob ! you look bloody fantastic!
We Were Damselslol

Gisela said...

I think you did a great job with the brooches!And love the amazing hair and makeup, did u do it yourself?
Love it all!

harps said...

thanks sweetie, yeah I did it all myself, years of practice!

Marian said...

oh i adore brooches dear and those look terrific on the lace insert section of your top darling.
happy wknd up ahead/
muah x

deep_in_vogue said...

You look amazing, so beautiful!

Sydnie said...

I love that shirt! You look amazing.


vorega badalamenti said...

u look so gorgeouss!!!
wanna xchange link btw? =)

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