Saturday, 2 May 2009

Coral Roses

A couple of weeks ago my darling boyfriend bought me a beautiful brooch for our anniversary, and I've been eager to incorporate it into an outfit ever since. It was a little difficult for me to style, as I'm such a matchy matchy person, and I don't own anything coral coloured to match the brooch. Anyway, I did my best, and stuck to gold/copper tones. I think my make-up is worth a mention too, as I find putting on make-up almost as exciting as putting on clothes. I like to tie everything in, therefore my make-up really is determined by what I'm wearing clothes-wise....So, for my nails I created a sort of coppery colour by painting gold varnish over red. My lipstick is an amazing shade which I love but hardly ever wear, called coral in gold by Rimmel. The photo down below demonstrates nicely the subtle gold glimmer running through it. It's actually quite a tacky 80's shade of coral, the sort you'd definitely wear to Club Tropicana, but I just love it against my pale skin. Oh and my eyeliner is a great liquid copper liner from the Body Shop. I love metallic make-up and just wish they made one in silver!

Boots (Office), capelet (Topshop), skirt (Topshop), vest (Ted Baker)


Rosanna said...

gorgeous capelet!

Lori said...

i am SO jealous of your hair!

The Queen of Hearts said...

I love what you are doing here. It isn't being stamped and cloned and spread all over like some fashionable dis-ease; it is you and I think that's refreshing : )

szczecin streetstyle said...

love this cequin bolero. looks very stunning.
and like i told you - your hair are just big piece of art. love it!

kisses :)

eveline fashion-diary said...

i'm sorry i wrote this from my old blog.
it's me anyway:)


liana said...

this is so gorgeous! i love your style. and your hair is great here!

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