Friday, 24 March 2017


Beautiful Edwardian graduate; empowerment via education ♡

It’s me again. I realise I’m likely speaking into the ether, as any followers have by now abandoned me. That’s fine, nearly two years is a long time to wait for a post. The hiatus was unintentional however, and I do intend to resume posting semi-regularly. For those interested, and perhaps in the spirit of cathartic over-sharing, the past year or so has been rather difficult. You may recall this blog started years ago as a project to help distract me from anxiety and eating problems, and its revival appears to mirror its roots. Since I last posted: I enrolled on my dream MA course at the London College of Fashion; moved to London; worked part-time in my dream store whilst studying full-time; battled health-issues whilst trying to remain sane- having neither the time, money nor inclination to socialise; relapsed into long-abandoned mental health problems; had to turn down a dream internship due to said problems; and nearly gave up the course. Add to that a dose of lost-friendships, various medications, heartbreak, and shattered self-confidence, and the desire, time, and motivation to blog was all but lost. Apologies if this is reading like a self-indulgent, woe is me soliloquy; I do realise I speak from a position of privilege, and importantly just how lucky I am to have support from amazing people. But it’s scary how easily I slipped into a reclusive shell of my former self. Look after your health people!

Fortunately I am stubborn, and didn’t give up. After the year from hell, I’m proud to say I gained a distinction in my Masters, having written my dissertation on Victorian chatelaines and their use as a technology of surveillance/discipline à la Foucault (humble-brag, I know, I know). The contrast between my under- and post-grad experience was huge, and I had to pinch myself sometimes whilst writing essays on Fortuny, Victorian Pockets, Egyptian Revivalism etc, applying Social and Cultural Theory to fashion (or ‘costume’, ‘dress’, ‘adornment’- where you make the distinction is down to you); or when handling pieces of fashion history, such as a Worth gown worn by Mary Curzon, or the shoes of the recently-widowed Queen Alexandra. Unfortunately, my issues meant that I didn’t really get to immerse myself in all that LCF and London had to offer. Ironically, whilst studying fashion, I was probably at my least inspired and experimental, pretty much just wanting to disappear into the crowd. I have been quite active on Instagram, sharing some of my experiences, and a lot of jewellery, but to be honest I’m sick of social media and over the past two years I pretty much lost my spark. Well, fuck that. You have to hit rock bottom to rise again, and I’m excited to resume sharing some looks and inspirations. So, wall of text over; the next post will be picture heavy, full of some spectacular jewels. 

Follow me on Instagram if you want more regular updates, predominantly featuring jewellery, antique prints and illustrations, and whatever else catches my eye. Oh and my cat. And hardly any selfies, promise. 


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Lady said...

Glad you bounced back from your problems with revived zeal for fashion! I know I have been in the same places before regarding mental health and distancing yourself from friends and family.
Congrats on an amazing MA experience and distinction. Life can be tough, but we humans are strong and persevere.
On another thought, I have been following your blog since maybe 2009 or 10 and it has been a big inspiration sometimes, especially the jewellery side of it. I have to admit I did think this was probably it, but I just happened to go through my Chrome bookmarks and got excited when I found new posts.
Looking good and keep it up!

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