Sunday, 9 August 2015


Few snaps from my recent trip to the south of France, where I stayed in the picturesque village of Montauroux. Christian Dior had strong links to the area, giving his name to a small chapel in the village and being buried in the nearby village of Callian. A little further afield, the town of Grasse is worth a visit; for its tiny winding ancient streets, trio of Rubens within the cathedral, and a lovely costume and jewellery museum (which unfortunately bans photography). 

^ Topshop tunic, New Look shoes (I wore them all summer; perfect heel height and comfy) and vintage tapestry bag

^ ASOS skirt with Topshop top and antique celluloid cameo necklace

^ Vintage sheer skirt over Topshop skirt and top, copper Ted Baker tote, all antique jewellery

^ Zara dress with 1920's celluloid necklace


Adam said...

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mlleghoul said...

Oh my goodness! First off, that necklace is gorgeous! Secondly - I can't believe I found you again! Let me back up, because I know that sounds weird. Several years ago I had bookmarked some lovely sites that I liked to peek in on every now and then and yours was at the top of the list. I lost all of my bookmarks somehow, and then unfortunately, I forgot about most of those links. Fast forward to yesterday, when I stumbled across you on instagram again! Hooray! Ok, that's enough rambling from this lurker. So nice to see you again :)

harps said...

Hooray for instagram! And yay to lurkers! Nice to have made your acquaintance again x

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