Thursday, 14 November 2013

The Grey Gatsby

I went to see The Great Gatsby a few weeks ago and naturally wanted to dress up in the spirit of the film. Not wanting to look too costumey or over-dressed at the cinema, I reined it in a bit with a simple outfit jazzed up with some key accessories (yes, this is me reining it in...I was tempted to wear an ostrich feather boa. I didn't even add a brooch to my turban!).Silk harem trousers, obligatory turban, spectator shoes and an antique beaded sash worn as a necklace/scarf completed the look.

The beaded sash is a favourite piece of mine, sitting somewhere between clothing and jewellery. The craftsmanship involved from the intricate pattern down to the end tassels is superb. I hardly ever wear it due to my paranoia over catching it on something and watching as millions of beads scatter all around me. 

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