Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Triple Fringed

My parents brought me this scarf back from Spain recently. It's dark green, velvet and fringed; they know me well! To keep the scarf in place I added a little silver fringed shoe clip. I paired it with a fringed tunic (too much fringe in one outfit is an impossibility) and leggings and boots for a casual Autumnal outfit. The belt is yet another member of my growing collection of antique EPSN belts. I can only assume this one is of Scottish origin, as it has two thistles incorporated into the design.

Cardigan (Zara), boots (Blay), tunic (boohoo), antique belt.

Black and silver sparkly nails, slightly immature but the magpie in me loves sparkles.


Dial V for Vintage said...

I love the dark green and the colour of your lipstick together, it is lovely to see that you have an incredible eye for the detail! I'm always inspired by your outfits :).

mariemeier_art said...

this dark green is so lovely and i always love very much devore velvet...

WendyB said...

I wish I could have my hair like yours just one day!

chloe said...

love this outfit. and your hair!

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