Tuesday, 30 November 2010


I'm back in England after my little trip to Scotland. It was cold and snowy, just the way I like it. The main reason for my visit was to try on my bridesmaid dress, as my brother and his fiancée live up in Scotland. Visiting a bridal shop was way too fun.
This is a bit of a lame outfit post, but I just wanted to share the vintage jacket I found a couple of weeks ago. This sort of faux Chinese styling complete with frogging can look kind of tacky (Louis Vuitton's last collection springs to mind) but I love the colours and as long as I show a bit of restraint when styling it, I'm sure its not too bad taste. The jacket is warmer than it looks, being fully quilted.

Vintage jacket, hat (Oasis), gloves (M&S), boots (Blay), trousers (New Look)

Cheeky sneak-peek at my dress. It's a gorgeous purple, in quite a simple, elegant style. Excuse the straggly hair, I got incredibly snowed on just before I went to the dress shop.

The hallway to my brother's flat is full of beautiful antiquated portraits. One lady in particular had her black hair piled high on her head in a massive bouffant. She reminded me of someone...


Dial V for Vintage said...

That shade of purple of your bridesmaid dress suits you very well! I'm also loving the way you did your hair in the first pictures!

Vintage and Cake said...

That first outfit is amazing you always are so well put together kitten, and look so chic. I love the hat and the red jacket is lush xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Harps

Missed you Wednesday when it was our turn for collective embarrasment, glad to see you are safely back from the Frozen North.

Have you heard about the Xmas get together on the 17th yet ? if not, ring for details.

You look stunning in Purple, careful that you don't go and upstage the bride by accessorising ;)


harps said...

Hi Richard, its nice to hear I was missed on Wednesday... At least your embarrassment was experienced collectively and not on your own as mine was!
No, I've not heard anything about a Christmas get together, but I'm sure you'll fill me in. Is everyone involved or is it just a select few of us?
I think I got lucky with the bride picking purple for the bridesmaids, its been one of my favourite colours since I was a little girl. And of course I will restrain my accessorising. Although, the bride is so beautiful I could never upstage her!

Nice to hear from you Richard :)

lyrebirdgully said...

Trust you, Ms HoH, to find a way to go about in the snow without looking like a lumberjack! the Chinese silk jacket looks divinely antique, ditto the Russian-style fur hat and fur-trimmed gloves. As for the bridesmaid's gown, it is indeed very beautiful and flattering; and the folded styling seems to work in well with the properties of the fabric. I'd love to see your "final outfit" shots for this gown later on.

Fashion Forestry said...

Topshop has sooo many dresses that remind me of you right now. Its like they went to your blog and were like lets make all our evening dresses like house of harps!!




or most of their dresses in general!


Anonymous said...

i love ur blog so so much. ur style is amazing.theres something mysterious about u that inspires me <3

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