Thursday, 23 April 2015

Swedish Specs

Recently acquired some new spectacles, after years of wearing contacts. It's fun to look intelligent again, although reading in the bath is an annoyingly steamy affair. Super simple outfit here, and probably my last outing with a warm coat for the next few months. The pendant necklace is Swedish apparently, though I've tried to research the emblem and have come up short. Maybe someone recognises it?   

Vintage Astrakhan jacket, H&M blouse. antique bag, Kurt Geiger loafers, ? scarf, vintage jewellery.


LBG said...

It's been a while since I commented- but I still read all your posts! Hope all is going well for you.
I was intrigued by your pendant.Ii am aware of traditional Norwegian bunad "silver" but i didn't see anything similar -this is all I could come up with:-
But could your pendant be Scottish?

harps said...


glad someone is still out there! I recently started an MA course so sadly don't have much time for blogging. THankyou for your input, I certainly think you are correct in identifying the pendant as Scottish, perhaps the etsy seller I bought it from got Scotland and Sweden mixed up?!


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