Sunday, 20 April 2014

Green Granite

Had a little trip to Aberdeen recently to visit family and attend my baby nephew's naming party (he's too cute). We stayed at the rather lovely Caledonian Thistle hotel, a great base for looking around the famously grey city (architecturally as well as meteorologically) . Vying for most fabulous Auntie award, I wore a silky shirt with an ornate monochrome print with a green pleated mini and my current shoe loves; monochrome mary-janes. I managed to style my newly short hair into quite a bouffant, still getting used to it!

Skirt: vintage; shirt: Zara; shoes: ASOS, belt; antique.

Aberdeen's coat of arms and motto 'Bon Accord.'

Shameless hotel room selfie; love the pattern on this shirt. 

A few more layers and untamed hair back at my Aunt's house. Layers are essential when in Scotland, it basically never gets warm. 

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