Friday, 28 June 2013

Carcassonne 2013

Just a few snaps from my trip to Carcassonne at the beginning of June. The Southern French town of Carcassonne kept us equally intrigued and relaxed with its fascinating Medieval history and beautiful surrounding countryside. I'll post a few more outfits and shots of the area in the next couple of days!


Silver Zara shoes sparkling in the sun


I fought long and hard to win this mustard cape/loose jacket with black embroidery off of eBay. The mustard hue and Art Nouveau embroidered designs made it a worthy purchase though.  


Crazy beautiful Zara silk 'Oriental' print trousers paired with a beautiful antique embroidered bag I bought last winter and have been waiting for some sunshine to use. The motif on the front is beautiful in both colour and design, and the metal frame is adorned with a rather interesting pastoral scene and male figures (Dutch perhaps?).  


View from our house of La Cite at night 


lyrebirdgully said...

Beautiful outfits, hair, jewellery and bag, HOH. Hope your holiday was great - the location looks wonderful.Sorry this comment is so late - I haven't checked yoru blog in a while - but I would still love to see more outfit/vintage collection shots if you get the time. Wishing you all the best!

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