Thursday, 31 March 2011


Once again these photos are a few weeks old, hence the fur coat, gloves and hat. I actually went outside without a coat on today, so Spring truly has sprung. In this photo set I am wearing a Victorian belt buckle which I originally intended to transform into a brooch by adding a pin. I never quite got round to doing this, instead I added a chain to it and now prefer to wear it as a necklace. I get quite a lot of compliments when wearing this, it really is wonderfully detailed. I'm a little unsure about the chain fringing hanging from the buckle, one would perhaps think of chatelaine and its various little tools, but I think in this instance the chains are purely decorative.

Vintage coat, vintage hat, blouse and vest (Topshop), trousers (New Look), boots (asos)

I'm addicted to 'Vampira Polish' made by Eyeko, it's black with red micro-glitter....


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