Wednesday, 23 February 2011


Constance Jablonski is witchy in an editorial for Numéro #120.
I love how the shots look like stills from a 1920's German Expressionist film.

Hi to all my new readers who found me via Marie, of Make the World a Prettier Place. I did a little interview for the lovely Marie, which you can read here. I talk a little about my hair, which I get so many questions about, so if you are wanting tips head on over there to read! I'm currently engrossed in all the goings on of fashion month. The Autumn/Winter shows are always my favourite (I love dressing for the cold), so this is a particularly exciting time of year for me. I will update the blog with outfit posts soon, promise xx

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Anonymous said...

Então agradável esta página está bem posicionado.........boa:)
Amei Continua assim !!

Korlekie said...

Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say i find your blog very inspirational and i absolutely love your style. Im a designer and am currently undertaking MA studies at London College of Fashion. Would love to ask you a few questions on your style and muses if you don't mind. You can view my work here: (follow link on the homepage) and contact me via email:

thanks i look forward to hearing from you.


lyrebirdgully said...

Great to hear from you again, Ms HOH; hope the year is going well for you.
Thanks for the interview link, I really enjoyed reading your perspective on your style.

ChiccaStyle said...

Amazing photos, thanks for sharing!!!

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