Thursday, 22 April 2010

Womankind, feel my pain

I remember the first time I saw these shoes online; the squeals, the delight. The patent black leather lighting up my eyes, the contrasting suede panels, the strappy graphic cut-outs, and best of all….the mega sparkly heels! But they were quite pricey, not ridiculously priced, but still up there at £160. I kept telling myself I’d blatantly lose some of the crystals from the heels and be devastated- banishing them to the back of my wardrobe, as it would cause me too much pain to look at them (this happened to me with a pair of sequinned shoes *sad face*).

Surprisingly, I managed to forget all about them until a few days ago whilst out shopping, when they glinted under the bright lights of House of Fraser. Not only are they stunning in real life, but they were in the sale, with one last pair in my size! I didn’t have time to try them on, I just grabbed and purchased. Trying them on at home, they fit perfectly, but something was glaring at me in the mirror. A white beacon in amongst all the shiny black patent leather. Heartbreakingly, one of the straps has come out of its little fitting. A few visible white threads and white stuffing are now gallantly keeping the strap attached to the shoe.

Epic story, I know. Now I’m faced with a conundrum….do I take them back and ask for more money off because they are faulty?……do I try and sew the strap myself?… I just return them and forget about them….?? The strap isn’t integral to the shoe, it could snap and the shoe would remain safely on my foot. I’m thinking I could just use some black thread to discretely reattach it, but is it worth it? Will it hold? I don’t know what to do!


Jill said...

Keep them and try to fix them. They are very you! I have a pair of silver Manolo strappy sandals. The ankle strap kept I secured them with fishing line! I wear them all of the time.

Wabi Sabi, darling!

J.W. said...

Cut the offending strap off. They might even look better without it :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

I saw try to fix them they are so cool! Love that heel i would hold on to them

WendyB said...

I'd just take them to a cobbler!

Heather Taylor said...

Visit a shoe tailor! I used to have a similar problem with one of my heels and I went to see the tailor and they fixed everything for me, inexpensively too!

Grace said...

Those truly are some snazzy shoes!

Love Grace.

WildFlower said...

Oh crap what a pain in the ass! That sux, I rekon you should go back to the store because they are faulty, and see if there is anything they can do...give you some money back or even track down a new pair! If you can't get a new pair then just take them to a shoe repair place, they will be able to fix that for not too much.
They are gorgeous shoes! Hope you figure out a solution! x

Lady said...

Those shoes are so fabulous, you should keep them. Besides, that thread isn't even that visible ;)

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